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Progression Monitoring & Reporting with Drones with is a partner with 360 Virtual Drone Services to help provide a platform for progression monitoring for construction companies, investors, stakeholders, venture capitalist, and more.   We present drone progression monitoring for some of the top construction companies in North Carolina.  


Progress can be assessed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending on how often updates are desired and the pace of the construction. With each assessment, the observations are compiled into a progress report. These reports are valuable tools for project documentation, decision-making, and communication with all parties involved on every level.

Drone Progression Monitoring & Reporting in Construction

Why use progression monitoring and reporting?

Drone Progression monitoring and reporting offers an array of benefits.  Including but not limited to:​​

  • Observation of the construction work and its level of completion

  • Keep track of potential work hindrances or stoppage

  • Visual and documented assessment of the quality of workmanship

  • Inventory Management & Control

  • Improve tracking of job stages and scheduling

  • Visual Inspection (to improve Safety protocols)

  • Faster visual access to the project status to all parties involved

  • Identification of construction changes and potential or pending changes

"Regular site progress reports offer context and add new dimensions to construction projects. However, it’s difficult to create consistent site imagery over the course of a project. Progress Photos solves this by creating a visual timeline of a project from start to finish. In doing so, it saves costs, keeps stakeholders informed, and addresses safety risks."
-Mike Winn, CEO of Dronedeploy
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